Eve Cuyen
Sound Designer * Composer * Editor * Musician *




* Sound designer with an extensive experience, especially with noise reduction, work well under pressure and tight deadlines

*Composer with a broad range of styles, mystery, suspense, Sci-Fi. traditional, orchestral and innovative sound design driven soundscapes

*Musician - violin, piano, guitar, synthesizer

*Film editor with a strong sense of narrative - storyteller



“Red Light “ - short film

“Duel “- one man play - written by Christian Clarke



“Off The Grid ” - feature documentary, in post production

“Our Hawaii ” - documentary by Kryssa Schemmerlling

“Noor” - dance film, Labirynth Theater Production 2009

“Waltz for a Shattered World” - Labirynth Theater Productions, 2008

“Dark Angel” - dance film by Sasha Spielvogel, Finland/USA, 2008

“Gotham Carriages” - feature documentary, Ablaze Films, 2008

“Huntington Disease” - short promo film, Star Light Film&Video Inc. 2008

“Strokes ” - sitcom by Prime of Your Life Pictures - Jim R. Coleman

“Avatars ” - short film by Mike Ofenheim

“Black Waters ” - feature documentary, India/USA

“Sex, Drugs and Comedy” - feature documentary, Blue Sky Productions 2007

“Blessed Animals” - Animal Fair, Inc.

“Outpost: Knightsbridge” - 25min horror short, 2007

“The Piano Tuner ” - short, NYFilm Festival 2007

“Girlification” Feature, Pilot, 2001, UK


“One For Sorrow” - music score and sound design, short film dir: Linda Brieda

“The Right Friend” - sound design and musical score, Great Rays Entertainment, LLC Production, 2009

“The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek” - sound design, music arrangements - feature film, 2009

“Birthday Party” - short film, score composer, Ndolofilms, 2009

“I'm Afraid I Am Hitler” - original music score and sound design, HD film, Pentacle Pictures, 2008

“Avatars ”- Music score composer and sound designer, film by Mike Ofenheim 2008

“Dog's Tale ” - Music score composer, film by Steven Speliotis, 2007

“The Last Butcher of Little Italy ” - sound design, short by Laura Terruso,, 2007

“The Child Within” – feature drama, 2006,  

“Coma Girl – State of Grace” – feature comedy
music score & sound design, Vista Films Ltd. Production, UK 2005

Sound Designer

“Blood Kisses” - a feature, psy horror, in post

“Finding me - Truth” - feature film

“Foreign Letters” feature film directed by Ela Thier

“Gotham The Series” - www.gothamtheseries.com

“Bear City”- feature romantic comedy  Sharp Left Production

“Our Hawaii ” - feature documentary by Kryssa Schemmerlling

“Prime of Your Life” feature film, Prime of Your Life Productions

“Counting to Infinity” short film, Morse Productions, 2009

“Broken Crayons” Cinema Poattica Productions, 2009

“Finding Me” feature film, OmeProductions, TLA 2009

“Usted No Me Conoce” - short film, Millions Of Pixeles Productions 2009

“Strokes ” - sitcom by Prime of Your Life Pictures - Jim R. Coleman

“Have You Seen...” SCI-FI feature film by Andrew Lyman-Clarke, 2008

“No One Sleeps in The City” film by Sung Kwang Kim

“Chasing The Devil ” feature documentary, Coqui Zen Entertainment, LLC, 2008

“The Sublet ” - feature film by No Logik Films Production, dir: Georgiana Nestor 2008

“Black Waters ” - documentary, India/USA

“AEINE” - promo video, History Channel
“Sex, Drugs and Comedy” - feature documentary, Blue Sky Productions 2007

“Black Woman ” - short film by Joyia Bradley

“Bugando/Mwanza ” - Balaton Production, Roger Torda, NBCUNI

“Come Home With Me ” - film by Thomas Moore

“Previous Tenants ” - short film -2007

“Zheng He ” feature documentary, History International, 2007

“AMEX ” -spot commercials, Tribeca Film Festival, A&E

“Rosebush ” - short film

“ZERO” - horror series, 2007,

“Gigantic Saturday ” - short by Leo Curbelo 2007

“The Piano Tuner ” - short, NYFF 2007

“Kali Ma” - 16min short by Soman Chainani, ADR engineer

“At Night” - short film 2007

“Connecting World” – short film, 2006

“And Then Came Love ”- feature comedy 2007
 Warner Bros
“Twisted Fortune” - feature comedy 2007
 Warner Bros - Guardian Entertainment –

“Sidewalk” documentary, Dir. Barry Alexander Brown

“Corona” spot commercials, 2006

“Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs” feature documentary 2006

“Final Engagement” feature drama, 2006
SFX Supervising Editor, Music Soundtrack - Violin
“SARS, A Love Story” - documentary
Tribeca Film Festival 2006

“His Name is Cosmo” – short, 2006,

“Fisher Poets” – documentary, 2006,
San Francisco Film Festival

“Spit Dynasty” - audio story, Sep-Nov 2005,
Kunst Radio – Austria
Sound Designer, arrangements,

“My Last Fall” – short, Pointless Pictures
Production, May 2005,

“Every Picture” – feature horror/thriller, 2005
Tobbell Films Production, UK

“Psycho Motel” Paul Moore collaboration, electronic soundscape, London, UK, 2004
Production & Arrangements,

“White Beast” short, 2003
EHO Production, LATVIA,

Productions Sound Mixer

“New York Live ” - pilot for MTV Turkey

“A Truth or a Lie” - feature film by Roy Burdine, 2007

“Live Mansion” - short film, 2007

“In Thought, Mind and Deed” - short film, Cyprian Film- New York, 2007

“LL” feature drama, 2006, Amos Kollek USA/Israel

“Buried Alive” – feature 2005, UK

“Animated Macbeth” - Live theatre and feature documentary 2004
The Dreaming Will Initiative Production, UK

“Mother’s Smile” “House of Bernarda Alba” - Live theatre, documentary 2003
The Dreaming Will Initiative Production, UK

“Opera Galleria” - theatre 2003

“Just another Day” – short, Do Not Disturb Productions UK 2003

“Why Geography” 2003 Open Mind Productions UK

“In the Bathroom” short, Baie des Singes Production UK 2003

“Bully Me; Bully Who”
“How do you know My Daughter?” 2003 Documentary
Raindance Film Festival – 2003

“Sleeping with the enemy” documentary 2003
Machten Ltd Production, UK/Ireland
“Cisco, Virgin and Amstel” London Nov 2002

“Comfy Dad 1 + 2’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Fact’ Commercials

“Craven Marsh” 35mm Oct 2002 London, UK
Queens Spirit Award, New York 2003

“Of Camera” short - Paradogs Production London 2002

“Les Polyfoto des Anges” short  UK 2002
“Dream Team” series VI
Hewland International Ltd, UK 2002

“Terra Firma” DV, UK 2002

“Home from home” - short, UK

“Juice” short Honey Toast Productions, UK 2002

“Girlification” Feature, Pilot, UK 2001

LIVE &Theater

“Sciartmet ” - sound reinforcement, live mix and recording of "Unstructured Light" performance @ United Nation, NYC 2007

“Fritz &Froyim ” - sound designer @ the Turtle's Shell Theater 2007

“That's Life ” - lights/sound designer @ Kraine Theater, NY, 2007

“Best of Myspace- Hip Pop Night” - live - Remote Lounge, New York, 2007

“Porn & Happiness ” - lights/sound op @ Gene Frankel Theater, NY, 2007

“HEAR NYC ” - sound design & Music Compositions @ Bushwick Theater, NYC 2007

“Strawberry One Act Festival ” - sound design op. @The American Theatre of Actors, New York, 2007

“Socker Moms From Hell ” - sound design op. @Theatre-Studio Inc. New York, 2007

“Animated Macbeth” - Live theatre , Shakespeare Workshop, UK, 2003

“House of Bernarda Alba” - Live theatre, Shakespeare Workshop, UK, 2003

“Opera Galleria” - London, UK, 2003



Logic Audio

 recording/mixing, live mixing,

music editing

ADR, Foley

SFX Library,

video editing, Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Photoshop, color correction


City and Islington College, London, UK- Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering, Sound Recording & Music Technology

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London UK – Graphics Design

Westminster College, London, UK- BTEC Voice Production

Warsaw School of Music, Poland - Degree in Music (Violin and Piano)


Furnished Upon Request